GALAKTIK  Grammer Rules

GALAKTIK words can be ALL CAPITAL LETTERS,  no capitalization is needed

Nouns end in  O                car= KARO

Plurals in ‘IM                   cars=KAR’IM (drop the final O)

One who ___    ‘ER           car driver    KAR’AZ

Adjectives  in ‘IS      Car like= “Carish”        KAR’IS

Adverbs in ‘LI                     KAR’LI

Gerund and participle forms of verbs end in  ‘ING   KAR’ING   car-ing




Compound words are formed with a modifier-first, head-final order, as in English (compare "bird-song" and "song-bird,").

Prefixes are set off by a hyphen BEFORE the root word     (multi-media)

Prefixes can be added to a root work with a -  ( ie:  pre-fix    pre-root)

Suffixes are set off by an apostrophe AFTER the root work   (penny’less)

Suffixes can be appended after the apostrophy  ( root’suffix)

These can be added to any length around the root word. The farther out from the root word they are, the least important.

Word order is comparatively free. Adjectives may precede or follow nouns; subjects, verbs and objects may occur in any order. However, the article LE  (the) and prepositions (as prefixes)) must come before their related nouns. Similarly, the negative NI "not" and conjunctions such as  "and" and  Tev "that" must precede the phrase or clause that they introduce. In copular (A = B) clauses, word order is just as important as in English: "people are animals" is distinguished from "animals are people".

Apostrophe is   NOT used for possessive or  contractions

CEZ-   (chez  in french “chaizh”)   possessive   cez-JOHN

Possible alternative:  french “CHEZ”  SEZ

Possessive SEZ-                   Mark’s car    KARO SEZ-Marko

Articles    LE                       the car  LE KARO

UN                        a car     UN KARO

TIZ                         this car  TIZ KARO

When No article is present, it is assumed to be UN  (a car, one car)

Pronouns            I                             VI                          (I,we,you,youall,she they)

VU                         VUZ                             

SI                           TA

Verbs  end in IR      first person  I   second person IZ   third person  IN

“to walk    I walk,  you walk,  she walks”     VALKIR   VALKI   VALKIZ   VALKIN

Past tense is  infinitive plus the conjugation  VALKIR’I, VALKIR’IZ, VALKIR’IN

Future tense is with the “Will” helper     VIL VALKI     I will walk

The Gerund  “ing” for will ‘ING be used with the verb EZTIR  (to be)     VALKIR’ING

Imperative tense is with the SHALL  helper  shall walk   SEL VALKI

No difference between shall and must

To Be   will be the simple EZTIR  verb, that works as both SER and ESTAR  in spanish.

Grammar should be simplified. Minimal  number of tenses (present and past, then all other tenses are with compound: will go, shall go,be going,been going,). NO moods. Verbs are conjugated regularly, with only first person, second person, and third person; no need for pleurals. No gender for nouns, easily make into pleural nouns; drop the final O and add the suffix ‘IM. No adjective agreement with nouns in gender or plurality.  Easily create adjectives and adverbs from nouns. Simplify prepositions, articles. Minimal pronouns. Simplified possessive form. Ability to put modifiers before OR after nouns and verbs.  Noun objects will be the same as noun subjects. Compound words or nouns will be separated by  -.

Compound words will be made by separating the root word from the prefix by a hyphen, and the suffix with an apostrophy.

Scientific notation, numbers, chemicals will be Arabic,decimal, IUPAC chemical names. Mathematical symbols the same, except minus will be ~.  Multiplication will be * .Exponentiation **. Music symbols, currency symbols. Punctuation will have inverted ? and ! and quotes and   ¶ ( or  → ) before questions, exclamations and quotations, and new paragraphs. A bar over a letter is the mathematic/logical NOT form.   NO Capitalization of nouns.  Always use CAPITAL letters for printing.

Simple Symbols will be preceded by a  dollar sign  $.  (ie,scientific constant $c=speed of light). The  ASCII symbol  □ will be used for a “wild card placeholder,” as in computer languages,which can mean an unspecified letter or ending. * at the end of a word is an indeterminent placeholder/wildcard. Greek, Roman, and other letters will be allowed when needed for scientific purposes like “π.”  Numbers CAN be preceded by the pound sign #.  @ is still at, used in email addresses.. % is still percent VIRSEN.  *can be used like  (see footnote), dot product, or  rest of word wildcard.  Minus will be ~.    Multiplication will be *  exponent **

Nouns end in O.  Plurals in ‘IM.  Adjectives in ‘ES (for ihsh sound). Adverbs in ‘LI (like “ly”). A worker who does a specific job (One who __blanks__  is a      --blanker— ) is indicated by the suffix  ‘ER .  Present proper nouns will be spelled phonetically, even if they don’t end in O: proper nouns will be introduced by the prefix ^O’ .   Nouns ending in O lose the O when  turned into pleural or adjectives or the “’ER” suffix. 

Minimal pronouns: I,VU,SI ( I, you, she). 

3 articles,  LE and UN TIZ. If article should be included and is not, it is assumed to be indefinite  UN (a, an or one)

Prepositions will be simple prefixes.

All prefixes will be set off from the root word by a -     and all suffixes by a ‘ .

Flags will be used to introduce words not in VAZIK GALAKTIK. 

the carat symbol ^ in front of a letter followed by a hyphen ^O- will indicate that the following work is NOT in VAZIK GALAKTIK but has been temporarily "imported" from another language: 

^O-english . 

Common imported prefixes:  

^A- an acronym 

^I- from HIGH Galactic, a superset of this language (more poetic, literature appropriate,etc) 

^N- a proper noun  

^S- a scientific term (latin, greek or english, for example) 

^O- a word from another language (English, perhaps Romanized Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, etc 

^M- a mathematical term or symbol 

Other rules will be forthcoming. Suggestions on revisions are welcome 

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