The creating of the VAZIK GALAKTIK language.

It is time to create a new, universal language for communication that is extremely simple, logical, and regular. The language proposed is VAZIK GALAKTIK (Basic Galactic), which is a new, artificial language, designed to simplify the ENGLISH language and make it more universal.

Since the LINGUA FRANCA of the world is now ENGLISH, and most people learn English as their second language, and it is used internationally for science, communication, aviation, business, etc., it makes sense to adapt ENGLISH into VAZIK GALAKTIK. Just make it simple, regular, phonetic and expandable. 

Some of the Key Ideas:

Some letters will no be included in VAZIK GALAKTIK: those letter that have confusiong sounds (think B, D,V), those letters that have multiple sounds associated with them , and those letters that sound harsh with electronic microphones (P, S). Vowels will have only 1 pronunction, no long, short or accented/diacritical marked vowels.

Those letters left will always have the same pronunciation. If an English word is pronounced in VAZIK GALAKTIK, it will sound like the English word with an unusual accent, but it should still be easily recognized, especially in the context of its usage. In case of racial/species inablility to make certain sounds, others can be substituted as a special case, giving a distinct “Accent.” No diacritical marks to modify the sound of a written letter.

VAZIK GALAKTIK will be able to steal words from other languages.  Extensive use of FLAG prefixis to set of nonstandard words. By having the prefix  ^O in front of a word from another language, it can be incorporated in spoken or written VAZIK GALAKTIK. Scientific terminology that uses words and letters NOT in VAZIK GALAKTIK will be indicated by the prefix ^Z. Proper nouns will be likewise indicated by ^V.  If it is desirable to create a richer, more “poetic” language,        ^I-GALAKTIK  (High Galactic) language can be developed as an expansion. Acronyms likewise will be preceded by ^A-.

Grammer will be very simple.  No gender for words. Nouns will end in the same letter, pleural nouns in the same ending, like in Hebrew. Verb infinitives will end in IR. Very simple conjugation of verbs. Very simple tenses (past and present), with the capability of making compound tenses for deeper meaning (future, imperative, gerund forms).

Very limited pronouns and articles. Prepositions used extensively. Simple possesive form with preposition. Modifiers can be in front of the noun or verb, or behind it. Word order Subject Verb Object. Nouns and pronouns in the object are the same form as subject. Arabic numbers and Roman letters. ALL CAPITALS, no small letters, no script/cursive form. Punctuation will be simple and helpful. Quotations, exclamations, questions and paragraphs (¶) and sections (§) will be STARTED with a punctuation symbol similar to Spanish and French. NO contractions, minimal “slang.” Numbers should be started with the “pound” sign #,  and subtraction or negative number flagged with a tilde ~  instead of a dash or hyphen.

Prefixes will be used extensively, with a hyphen “-“ to set off the prefix from the root word, and can be strung in linear form, like the German language. Likewise, suffixes will be set off from the root word by an apostrophy “ ’ ”. Wild cards will be allowed. Symbols will be allowed. Metric system and System International  (SI) units.

Nouns can be made into adjectives easily. Verbs into adverbs.

 VAZIK GALAKTIK should be READABLE by almost anyone with a minor understanding of English.

It should be UNDESTANDABLE by anythone familiar with English. It will initially sound like English with bad grammer and pronunciation, but THAT IS THE GOAL: universally understandable with minimal learning.

It should be SPEAKABLE by anyone, and may require sound modifications for different races/species. It will be spoken relatively slowly, for ease of understanding.

It will be WRITABLE by a standard QWERTY typewriter or computer or font.

To make it easier to learn, the TRANSLATION into the speaker’s native tongue can be included in braces  { } after each potentially confusing word.

Words from other languages, even other spellings, can be easily IMPORTED in GALAKTIK but will be set off/flagged by special prefixes that indicate a deviation from VAZIK.

The WEBSITE  will be the final arbitrator of Basic Galactik, decided by online consensus (like Wikipedia).

I propose the following initial rules for VAZIK GALAKTIK.  The internet community, in a WIKI processes, can edit, modify and change them by concensus.

Let’s eventually replace English (and Esperanto) as the Lingua Franca of planet earth, and the Milky Way galaxy.

Marc S. Berger

November, 2014                              ©2014 Marc S. Berger

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